Men can shop women clothing too – Rethinking how we shop thanks to Klarna Clothes Love All campaign

It is a fact that I find my best and most complimented accessories in the womens department when I shop whether online or in store. Scarves, socks, rings, necklaces and hats. I could go on…

Klarna has teamed up with the iconic Tan France for the latest campaign Clothes Love All which challenges us to rethink how we see and consume fashion. The aim is to democratise fashion for everyone. This campaign really reminds me that the garments we wear should be an extension of our mood and how we feel. With this said, do you see your style as part of your identity and most importantly, does it make you feel good? If the answer is yes, then you certainly are onto a winner.

For as long as I can remember, I have always stood out when when it comes to my style. When my mum would buy me a new piece of clothing whatever it was, I would think of all the ways to JAZZ it up, so that not only would I stand out, but so I could avoid telling people what store it was bought from and just say it was “custom made”. I thought that was such a cool term to use. I probably watched too many fashion shows and pageants!

I would put a pair of scissors to my clothes, sometimes times old, other times new, and even go as far as getting out the needle and coloured thread (Home Economics was one of my favourite subjects – no surprises there at all) just so I could give my clothes a whole new look, like I had seen on a  Black Back Street Boys music video or fashion show on Fashion TV. I was so proud of looking different in my very own customised clothes. 

When I was old enough to shop for myself, I found clothes in the men’s department stores quite boring. For me they lacked colour, variety and character. For this reason, I would often look in women’s stores for scarves, sunglasses, socks, and jewellery pieces that I could easily pull off as a guy without coming across to my peers as “the guy who wears girl clothing”. Looking back now, I wish I didn’t care as much as I did back then.

To this day, I still find men’s ready to wear fashion incredibly dull and because of this I still never shy away from jazzing my outfits with women accessories if and whenever I feel like it. My personal style reflects me, and I am proud of it. 

Yes indeed! Clothes Loves All! So, break the rules of fashion and let your wardrobe and style choices celebrate your true authentic self in whatever makes you feel confident, powerful and great.

Did you know?

Klarna is a place where anyone can discover and shop for fashion that they love, regardless of gender, skin colour, sexuality and weight.


Stay Stylish!

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