Skincare routine for glowing skin and softer beards

Developing a routine that helps achieve a glowing and radiant skin whilst being able to look after your beards shouldn’t be tedious. Here is a routine I have tried and tested which gave me just the results I needed.


Removing dead skin cells boosts new cell growth and in turn skin radiance. The Black leopard face scrub contains a mixture of glycolic acid, black rice, aloe vera and vitamin E. The properties of all these ingreidients boosts soothing and moisturising benefits, especially for delicate and sensitive skin types.

Black Leopard face scrub

Black Leopard £6.06

Facial Serums

Wrinkles, crows feet and fine lines are a part of a graceful ageing process, however their appearance can be reduced and slowed down with collagen based serums. The Truth serum from Olehenriksen contains both collagen and vitamin C which is a proven component in brightening the skin. A very visible glow can be seen on the skin even just after a single application especially when applied to the face before a moisturiser.

Olehenriksen Truth Serum

2-in-1 Skin and Beard Moisturiser

Cut down the time in completing your routine with multi-purpose designed products. I have tried and tested the American Crew 2-in-1 skin moisturiser and beard conditioner. With a very subtle scent, this cream dissolves nicely into the skin, even as you massage it into your beards, it doesn’t feel heavy or clumpy against your hairs.

Upon finishing this routine, what you would notice is a very healthy glow to your face

American crew 2-in1 skin moisturiser & beard conditioner

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I have a combination skin type which means, on some days my skin is very dry and other days it could be oily, especially around my forehead and chin. These products are suitable for all skin types.

Do you have any skin concerns you would like me to research and find solutions to? Please leave a comment below, lets get interactive.

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