Fun Dating Ideas Whilst In Quarantine From The Corona Virus.

We may all be stuck indoors in self quarantine and it is challenging not only to our professional lives but also to our social and dating lives especially if you are single. Don’t worry, as a singleton myself I can feel the pain, these top tips will make dating so much more fun during these tough times.

Netflix and Qurantine

Yes you can still Netflix and chill whilst in quarantine. Pick a movie that you have both never seen before, make some movie snacks or order in some pizza and watch the movie together over video chat on WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype simultaneously. You can laugh together or be scared together depending on the movie. Afterwards you and your date and discuss what you thought of the film. This is a great way to connect on a much more deeper emotional level.

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Be a Game Player

Noooooo!!! I don’t mean mind and heart games. I mean actual games, that 2 players can remotely play. There are so many fun games to play over video chat that will keep you and your date entertained for hours. Games like ‘Two Truths’ and a Lie or Never ‘Have I Ever’ would allow you two to know each other.

Cook and Dine 

Find an easy and fun recipe online that you and your date have never made before and cook it together over a video call. When the meal is complete compare to see whose dish looks more delicious.

Phone sex

Bit of a bonus tip I have decided to throw in.

No doubt being in isolation will take your testosterone/estrogen levels way up high. Allow your self the pleasure of being flirty and naughty over the phone. It is completely fine and safe to do so, as it would allow you and your date to possibly gain an even better knowledge of your body and arousal zones

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Do you have any more fun ideas to share? Please leave a comment below, let us chat about it.

Stay Safe and Stylish!!!



    • howeydon
      March 18, 2020 / 8:31 pm

      Ha defo wanna heat ur updates – phone sex is the new safe sex haha

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