How to Work Out Like a Fashion Model

It’s not a secret that we want the workout routine of some of the best models of the world. Anyone who says differently, lies, there’s no doubt about it. Models have, since they appeared, been there not only to advertise clothes and accessories, but to serve as role models and to influence other guys and girls to work on themselves and look their best. Nowadays, when you can’t tell what is the result of hard work and what of plastic surgery, it is even more important to carefully select those fashion models that we will, not only idolise, but look up to. This time around, we will focus on male fashion models, and we will try to copy their workout routines so that we, as well, have a six-pack like theirs.

Be consistent

Hard work is the most important factor in having a lean look like the runway models. It is very important to notice that hitting the gym a couple of times a week and buying a gym membership are not the only things that you need to have in mind. Sure, they will help you somewhat with creating the perfect look that you have in mind, but in order to really accomplish your goals, you need to be consistent and stay true to yourself. If you decide that you will be working out, do not ever run away from it or try to find excuses not to do it. Apart from that, you will really have to be devoted to your dietary plan as abs are in fact made in the kitchen, not the actual gym. All of these sounds like a lot, but this is the beginning of it all. Have fun, and try to work out even in certain unconventional ways. Unless you make an agreement with yourself that you will stay active and true to what you promised yourself, you will not go far.

Use all the help that you can get

Staying in shape and getting lean is not an easy task, which is something that can be confirmed by some of the leanest fashion models of the world. However, in order to help yourself, you should always use all the help that you can get and use all the resources that you have. This means that you should always turn to professionals for help, either from nutritionists (if you need help in finding the right diet for you) or a personal trainer (if you’re not really sure how to implement a certain workout routine or exercise). Another thing that is going to help you out is finding the right supplements, such as the BCAA powder that is going to increase your training endurance and support your lean muscles. High-quality products like these are only going to enhance your performance and make the whole process of getting in shape faster. It is crucial for your goal not to be embarrassed to try new things and ask for help.

Mind your core

Pietro Boselli, a popular fashion model who’s worked with Moschino, Armani and Dsquared2, says that the most important part of your workout should be your core. He dedicates a whole session to the core, starting with crunches and adding exercises with a certain twist. When we speak of core exercises, there are different ways in which you can play this. If you’re a beginner and you have never exercised your core before, it would be a great idea to take a group class that is working on their core or ask your personal trainer about certain exercises that you can do. If you’re not a newbie, you can do it by yourself and you can find inspiration for new exercises by browsing Instagram or the Internet.

Believe in the classics

The last decade has seen an insurgence of new workout techniques such as Les Mills or HIIT sessions that are extremely popular right now. However, it is important to note that the classics are always the best option to turn to. Yes, the new techniques might be very interesting and different, and yes, you should go with them from time to time, but always go back to the classics that can even be performed outside. They include:• crunches• sit-ups• squats and wall toss (you will need a larger ball for this)• duckpin bowling

All of these exercises are important classic exercises that are going to help remodel your body in the way you want to and give you strength and stamina for later sessions.

It is not an easy job looking like a model. After all, that is their job and they take it very, very seriously, as you take your job. If it was an easy task, everyone would be a model. But the point is that this is not impossible. It will need a lot of devotion and hard work but the bottom line is that it can happen for you.

Writer: Peter Minkoff

Editor: Howey Ejegi

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