An idiots guide to accessing fashion week like a true industry insider.

Newbie Fashion enthusiasts wonder how to get into the buzz of fashion week, get invited to shows, get press accreditation and attend the crazy glamorous afterparties. Before I started out in the industry as a model and blogger I always wondered how to break into the scene with having zero contacts in the industry. This post will give you all the information you need to get into the fashion week scene especially if you are just starting out.

Show up

Yes that’s right, you necessarily don’t need an invite to attend fashion week. Outside fashion show venues, there are hundreds of press, paparazzi, magazine editors, news crews, bloggers, designers, models and other enthusiasts like yourself simply just hanging out and doing their jobs. This provides a great networking platform for anyone to make meaningful connections.

Filming a fashion documentary with BBC at LFWM

Dress Up

It is fashion week after all, look your best and get creative with how you dress and accesorize. Fashion editors and the press are always looking for interesting, original and unique looks to shoot for editorial features. Want to know how to attract paparazzi during fashion week ? the key is to comfortably stand out.

captured for British Vogue by @Garconjon

Free Tickets

Now you’ve showed up, looking and feeling good, and hopefully started to talk to people, politely ask your new acquaintances to share e-tickets with you. Many fashion shows and presentations operate on electronic tickets, which are simply passes with no bar codes. All you need to do is present this at the entrance. There is usually hundreds of people on a queue, organisers seldom go through the guest list on such occasions.

Talk to people

Don’t be shy, the industry is full of big personalities. The energy is always positively high. This can be overwhelming for most, however, try to match this high level of energy and radiate good vibes, be genuine and honest when you speak to people about what you do or what you would like to do within the industry. You just never know who you are talking to, they might be responsible for opening a door of great opportunities within the industry for you.


Fashion week mens’ happens twice a year, so does fashion week. It starts (main cities) in New York, moves to London, Florence/Milan and ends in Paris. Spring/Summer shows starts in September whilst Autumn/Winter shows are in September. Carry out your research on start dates, show schedules and venues. All of these information can be found on the official sites for the city. Knowing all this information will allow you effectively plan and manage a schedule, so you are at the right place at the right time.

Getting Accreditation

Except you are absolutely exceptional at blagging your way, you won’t be getting accredited at the official accreditation desk or online. I tried this on my first season, and it didn’t work. To get accredited you need to be an influencer with over 10k followers and must have a fashion blog with proven analytics. Alternatively your work must have been published on a digital or print magazine, be it photography or articles. If you do not have any of these, don’t loose hope, talk to people, make those connections that would lead to collaborations for published work, so you are well equipped for the next season.


Confidence is everything, especially when trying to attend parties you have no invitation for. You already do look and feel good because you are dressed to the nines, you have also managed to make new friends who have their names on the list for that highly anticipated party. Whilst you are waiting on the queue to get in, act confident, friendly and stick with your friends with invites. You will get in.

Request Tickets

All the official sites for each city lists have an official show schedule, alongside the PR and press contact for each designer. It is a long list. Do not send bulk emails to everyone, but rather personalise each email by addressing the PR by their name with a line of why you would like to attend the show (write, photography for a magazine – name the publication). include your full name and address (physical tickets). Good luck!

fashion week tickets

Enjoy Fashion Week

Fashion week season is a high energy time of the year, after the first couple of days it all becomes a blur, because you are exhausted. If you are lucky enough to move from once city to another, it becomes even more draining. To get through, stay hydrated, eat healthy and don’t over do it with the after parties and alcohol.


Big thank you to Apex hotels for accommodating me in London this season of fashion week. I got the chance to stay at the Apex London wall located in the bustling centre of London with easy access to the northern line and central line. I checked into the Deluxe Balcony room, and omg it was perfect for a fashion traveller like me. Looking after my wellbeing during the fashion month is very important for me. Having a nice bath tub to return to after a long day is my perfect idea of relaxation. Even better is getting breakfast in bed which is a rare treat I’m sure for the most of us. The wonderful staff at the hotel were sure to make my stay as relaxing as possible.

The Balcony to my deluxe room offered great views of the city, definitely would be a dream staycation hotel in the summer. Definitely will be returning in the summer so I can make use of it – Alfresco style. Highly recommended for London city staycations.

What I am wearing: Landerose New York via NAMES LDN

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Stay Stylish!!!


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