Hottest Spring/Summer menswear Trends To Follow

Menswear is evolving so fast in the right direction. From Gender-bending prints and silhouettes to accessories and jewellery. What will you be wearing this spring?

I have edited this year’s trend to 5 styles, which we are sure to see a lot of this season.


In the last few years we have seen a lot of slim fit and narrow silhouettes suits and smart wear for men. SS20 takes references from the early 90s, as we see loose and baggy streamlined shapes in menswear tailoring. 

Guys do allow your thighs and pecs to breathe by going a size up in your suits. If you must re-fit and tailor, try not to overdo it.


Men are becoming more experimental and comfortable with throwing a bag over their shoulders, whatever the shape and size. To maintain a sustainable wardrobe with this trend, invest in a neutral colour like grey, black or beige, as you will get the most wear out of it. Also, neutrals are easy to style because they will easily compliment every other accessory, print or texture you have in your wardrobe.


As much as I personally disliked the Balenciaga trend of chunky and heavy trainers which aren’t comfortable and gives majority of men a weird proportion when styled. This trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 


Why wear one when you can stack it up in as many layers as you want, like an instagram pro . I’m talking about necklaces, chains and rings. Layering up your jewellery adds texture and opulence to even the most basics of outfits.

Will you be jumping on any of these somewhat nostalgic early nineties trend? I really would like to know, leave a comment and lets have a chat.

Stay Stylish!!!


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