Christmas Gift Ideas for him 2019

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and our stronger halves need some attention and gifts, as well. It is a myth that men don’t like to be pampered, so we are going to suggest some of the ways you can really make him feel special, and we are sure that between all of these, you will find at least one that fits.


Although jewelry is not a typical gift for men, there are many pieces that will make him look stylish and trendy. The first thing that comes to mind is a good watch that every man should have. Depending on his style, choose steel or leather ones, and adapt them according to how formally or casually he dresses. If watches are too expensive for you, or you want something a bit more unique, rings or leather bracelets are other stylish choices most men will love. We would suggest sticking to classic silver and brown or black details, which are the safest option. Pack it in a cute black matte box with a bow, and you will have a perfect gift.


Women are not the only ones who like shoes and fantasize about a closet full of them. Getting him a quality pair of shoes, he will be able to wear to many occasions is another thoughtful and cool gift. Oxford shoes are pretty trendy right now, so if you really want to surprise him, opt for a good leather pair of those. Stick to the colors he likes, and make sure to check the quality of soles. If he likes to follow the newest trends and look stylish, getting him a pair of boat shoes is a good option. Lighter colors reminiscent of the navy style are a safe choice, and if you want to make it even more interesting, choose the ones with tassels or floral details.

Skincare and beauty treatments

Even though not many men would confess, they too enjoy being pampered and getting a beauty treatment here and there. Since, the 21st century is a time of breaking taboos, surprising your men with something new and exciting like an ultherapy face lift is a great idea. This is an easy and safe way to get tight skin on your neck and face, and the best thing is that it is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment. Some of the other options you can explore are regular hygienic facials, acne treatments, laser treatments, massages, spas, and even hair loss treatments.


This is a gift you almost certainly can’t go wrong with. The safest bet is to go with the one you know he uses and loves. However, if you want to pick a new one for him, but you are not sure what would he like, you should get to know the notes and scents a bit. Firstly, choose between citrusy, fresh, woody, or sweet scents. Unless you are really sure, don’t choose strong ones, rather go with the fresh notes that are more subtle. Spray the perfume on your hand, and step outside of the store, and see how it feels after a while, even a few hours, and then decide.


A nicely packed¬†Tani luxury underwear¬†is something every man will love, and the best thing is, it can also be affordable. It’s the equivalent of him gifting you a pair of sexy underwear, as we are sure you will enjoy seeing him wear it. The first thing to choose is the type, meaning boxers, briefs, slips, or even thongs. Once you have chosen that, you can move on to design. If you want to have a bit of fun, funny captions and photos, or even Christmassy themes are a good way to go. However, if you want a more stylish pair of underwear, choose classic gray, white, or black.


Most men love technology and enjoy trying out different gadgets. If your man is one of them, getting him a camera, tablet, headphones, speaker, kindle, or any other tech item will blow his mind. These gifts are both practical yet affectionate, since you are getting him something he likes. Other options are a wireless charger, vehicle health monitor, coffee maker, fitness band, scales, or any similar item.


Men are simple beings; they don’t need bags of different shapes and sizes for each occasion. In many cases, all they want is a good wallet. Make sure you know what he keeps in his wallet, and decide on the size according to that. Pick the color according to most of his outfits, or his favorite color. Don’t choose any crazy designs, unless you know he will like it, rather go with a classy leather, brown or black wallet. If he needs a place to hold his phone, you can get him a wallet with a built-in phone case.

Hopefully, these simple, yet effective examples were able to show you that shopping for men does not have to be difficult. Rely on his style and interests, and you can’t go wrong.

Words: Peter Minkoff of High style life

Editor : Howey Ejegi

Stay Stylish!!!

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