How to pick the right boots for men – ft. MODA IN PELLE

Chelsea boots are a popular style of shoes that work well in all seasons, fits most occasions and can be casually or smartly styled.

For this reason, it is essential to invest in a quality pair that would stand the test of time and worn in multiple ways . Here are my top tips that would help you make the right choice.

Finished Leather texture

From suede, to grainy or patent leather, Shoes are all textured differently. We all make a selection based on personal taste in style and functionality the shoes can provide us. While Patent leather Chelsea boots make for great evening shoes, they require more care than suede shoes whose texture are more suited to day time wear and causal aesthetics. These you can see in the photos are from Italian shoe brand Modainpelle, crafting shoes for over 40 years combining British sophistication with Italian quality.

Sole Material

What makes a shoe last long is its soles. You are most likely to get more wear and value from a pair of shoes with soles that are comfortable for the feet. Soles that are durable enough to resist water, designed to maintain grip or friction are types to look out for when deciding on an autumn pair. Both modainpelle shoes I am wearing have soles designed to offer extra grip especially on wet and snowy days.


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Stay Stylish!!!

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