5 Tips for Creating the Ideal Morning Routine

Whether you love waking up early or not, you need to make the most of your morning. This is your time and a chance to prepare for the day that’s ahead of you. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of morning, creating a cool routine is a must. This could mean quite a lot in the long run and help you seize your day. If you’re a morning person, you already know how much you do in the morning, but if you’re not, you might need some time to create the perfect morning routine. If you’re still unsure how to do so, here are five tips you should follow.

Wake up on time

Let’s be honest – waking up early is far from easy. No matter where you go to bed, getting up at five or six o’clock is rather challenging, and it’s not an effort everyone can make. But, if you’re a consistent and patient person, you can train your body to do this. It’s not about waking up early, but about actually getting up and being productive.

Unfortunately, you can’t do this overnight. It takes a few steps, so figuring them out and repeating them morning after morning is the only way to reach success. Start by going to bed a bit earlier than usual and setting your alarm clock. However, you shouldn’t snooze it and thus trick your body into getting more sleep. Finally, stick to your wake time and continue working on your routine every single morning until waking up early is no longer a challenge.

Prepare the night before

One of the problems most people have with establishing their morning routine is having too much to do immediately after waking up. However, being productive the moment you get out of bed is practically impossible, no matter how trained you are and how much you love mornings. That’s why you need to get prepared in advance and doing as much as you can the night before.

Anything from choosing your clothes to preparing your briefcase can be done in the evening, and doing these things then means you won’t have to do them in the morning. You can even prepare your breakfast before going to bed, and save even more time and energy after getting up. Once you get the hang of this method, you’ll be able to do more and more in the evening and thus turn your mornings into the most enjoyable part of your day.

Save time on getting ready for work

If you start doing this in the evening instead of the morning, you won’t have to waste time picking clothes. Therefore, you’ll have less to do and a chance to actually get things done before going to work. But, you have to take a shower and go through your bathroom routine before you can get dressed. That means you’ll have to learn how to do these things quicker than ever.

Instead of taking a long bath, you should opt for a quick shower. While you’re showering, you can brush your teeth and thus take your multitasking skills to the next level. After doing that, it’s all about using your natural hair styling wax that will help you look cooler and more appealing than ever, and that’s it! Doing everything in under 15 or 20 minutes means you’re a well-organized person with a great morning routine, so work towards that goal.

Make your to-do list

With so many things we need to do every single day, forgetting something is easier than most people think. You may forget a few relatively unimportant items, but you could also leave something crucial behind. That’s why making daily lists and trying to stick to them is a great method to get more organized than ever. And it’s also a great way to boost your morning routine.

Working on your to-do lists should be done before you go to bed, but you can also write a few new things down in the morning. After you wake up and check your e-mail, you can update your daily list and figure out what you have to do that day. This will keep you focused and motivated, and that’s something we all need in the morning.

Do some exercise

If you’re looking for the perfect way to wake up and make the most of your morning, working out is the way to go. Even though most people aren’t fans of exercising right after getting out of bed, the fact is that this will help your body wake up and get your head in the game. It will also motivate you to continue with your day and bring your A-game to the office as well. You just have to find a few workout ideas that will work for you.

Most people stick to simple things – jogging, riding a bike, hitting the gym, etc. Others, however, think outside the box and look for unconventional ideas that will work all year long. You just have to look for workouts that will help you the most, and then start dedicating your time to them every single morning.

Creating the perfect morning routine isn’t as easy as most people think, but it’s not that hard either. If you’re determined, organized and consistent, you’ll be able to show your body that this is actually good for you. Once you do that, perfecting your routine and maintaining it will be much easier.

Words: Peter Minkoff

Chief Editor: Howey Ejegi

Images: Unsplash

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