3 ways to care for Tan shoes ft Marc Darcy

Every man has a leather shoe in their wardrobe, oxfords, loafers, Chelsea boots or brogues you name it. A well looked after great pair of leather shoes can last you many years. This is why I have added this luxurious and distinctive pair of Marc Darcy Tan leather and tweed contrast pair to my collection. Despite the combination of materials used, it is definitely an easy wear for smart attires. Keeping tan shoes in pristine condition shouldn’t be much of a chore, so here are my top tips to help you do so:

Shoe style: JACOB Tan leather, tweed contrast brogue shoes


Care Instructions

Before you ditch your shoe box, look out for the manufacturers care instructions. This is important because it has information on the type of leather and soles your shoes are made out of. For instance the JACOBS, has tweed detailing which is a mixture of Polyester and Viscose. Dry cleaning is recommended by the manufacturers, to do this, I would create a lather from a mild soap and damp cloth to gently rub any dirt areas. For trickier stains, you may find using one-part vinegar to two-parts water may work just as well.

Shoe conditioners

After a good wax polish, usually carried out once every month, depending on how regularly you wear your pair of tan shoes I would recommend using a conditioning spray . Conditioners protect against water and other stains, which may leave dark and unpleasant streaks.

Store Separately

The best way to store shoes are in their dust bags. Sunlight and oil arent great especially for tan shoes as they make your tan leather age quicker or Patina, which means they get darker. Polish transfers is other reasons why you may want to keep your tan pairs away from your black pairs.

Shoe style: JACOB Tan leather, tweed contrast brogue shoe
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These tips may be simple, but they are bound to keep your Tan shoes in the most pristine condition from frequent use. Do you have other tips you would like to share with me and other readers? Please do leave them below.

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