How to style Eco-friendly shoes made out of up-cycled Tyre Threads by Hugs&Co


When it comes to sustainability and the environment, it is great to see brands making the conscious effort to go green. Shoe brand Hugs&Co, have released a range of luxury loafers with soles made out of up cycled tyre thread combined with Italian leather.

Tyre thread loafers by Hugs&Co.

The shoes have the classic loafer silhouettes which is great as it means they can be dressed up or casually, here are my thoughts on how to style these perfectly.

Day Time Wear

Going somewhere hot this winter, the coloured loafers in suede are a must have, as they would go perfectly with chinos shorts. Going for a classic colour like white or tan would allow you to pair it up with any colour of shorts and smart shirts or t-shirts you have. 

Evening Wear

For evening attires, rather than suede, I would recommend the smooth leather loafers, they are sleek and elegant. They would work well with smart shirts and blazers.

Besides environmental consciousness, this line of shoes have been designed to be durable, classic and elegant. I love how they come in various colours, suitable for any season of the year, which means they will make a good wardrobe staple. These shoes are now available online and at Harvey Nichol’s and are priced from £120.


Stay Stylish!!!


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