Formal to Casual shirts in seconds ft. Angelo Galasso SS19

Who knew  a dress shirt could go from formal to casual wear in a matter of seconds. Well, with the right combination of clothing and styling changes you can.

Floral shirts aren’t overrated especially when designed to be transitional.  This was my exact thought when I got introduced to the brand ANGELO GALASSO, an Italian brand that creates pieces that will transition through time and style, for the gentleman who is confident, likes to be noticed and make people feel good with his prescence.

The SS19 ANGELO GA LASSO collection features  shirts with a play on colour, texture and prints. So, how do you transition fine and elegant tailoring from formal to casual in a matter of seconds this spring summer? Here are my top tips:

Printed Dress shirts

Wear a dress shirt with prints as a base under a suit jacket, and you are half way there. Prints are fun and playful, they can reflect your personality. I personally love floral prints, just because I am not afraid to embrace feminity. Animal prints and stripes are other good options to choose from.


Unbotton shirt

Relax your smart look by loosing the tie and undoing the first 2 buttons, If you are wearing a dress shirt at the beach like I have done in these editorial, why not get more beach appropriate by loosing all the buttons to show off your summer gains.



Loosen up and get comfortable by untucking your shirt, It is natural to have creases, but this is ok, especially if you are with a very familiar group of friends. I wouldn’t advise this otherwise.


Roll up sleeves

Undo the cufflinks or cuff buttons, roll up your sleeves to your elbows, You can do this neatly, by using the size of the cuffs as a guide measurement to the rolls. This means that both sleeves are neatly even.




What I am wearing:

Shirt Flowers Mason Shirt

Suit Jacket ASOS Design

Trousers ASOS Design


Stay Stylish!!!

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