Top tip to shop for Autumn winter coats

Summer is now only a memory as those Linen and feather light jackets have been stowed away. Keeping warm this autumn shouldn’t ¬†necessarily mean piling on multiple layers to retain heat.

My top tip for picking the warmest jackets this season is in the lining.

Shearling, feather, wool and silk lined jackets will retain heat far better than Jackets with cotton or no lining at all, Like this Jasper Conran jacket I picked up from Debenhams ,with duck feather lining.  Feather lined jackets I find are the lightest in weight in comparison to shearling jackets. This makes them easier to throw on, on casual days.


Leather jackets are particularly not the warmest, but with the right lining they can great for keeping warm whilst remaining classically edgier . This Faux-leather jacket I picked from Zara is lined with Faux shearling, and at its price point I think it is a great choice.


Photography : Ellie Morag @ellie_morag

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