Reasons why you need an Autumn Fragrance ft Acqua Di Parma

Just like the seasons change, so does our wardrobe, however not many of us pay attention to changing our care and grooming routines in order to be the best versions of ourselves

In the summer for instance, I fill my wardrobe with bright and patterned shirts, loose silhouette garments made of cottons and linens. The reason is simple, It allows me to look, feel and stay comfortable. This all changes as we begin to enter the colder months. I begin to introduce warmer shades and tones into my wardrobe, the jumpers and scarfs, silks and wool for the same reason of dressing well for the Autumn.

When it comes to Fragrances, the same thing applies. In the spring/Summer months I wear fragrances with Fruity, lighter and  fresh notes because they are better suited to warmer days. I would opt for the Ouds, spicy and leathery notes in the Autumn months.

Allow me to introduce you to one of  my Autumn Fragrance of choice, Acqua Di Parma Sandalo , an elegant fragrance that caries the DNA citrus top notes of Acaqua di Parma Colonia. The signature of the Sandalo is the aromatic woody touch of Tonka Bean and rare variety of Sandalwood from India.

For me, it is a mysterious scent, that captures the senses, nothing like I have ever come across before.


The scent is available in store at Harrods and House of Fraser as well as online.

Do you have any Autumn perfume favourites? I would love to know, so please leave a comment below lets interact.


Stay Stylish!!!


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