5 Top tips to build a fashion brand from Zero experience

All the best inventions in life begins with a simple idea, the hardest part is forming that idea into a plan, an action and then a tangible product. When it comes to fashion, I know exactly how it feels, from sketching a design on a pad to manufacturing the clothes, so its great to discover platforms like Sewport  that help bring the brilliant ideas sketched on a pad to life by connecting you with the sourcing and manufacturing team of experts to make it happen.

I got to speak to a dear friend of mine James Buckley-Thorp, founder of British high street fashion brand Rupert and Buckley, who started the brand from knitting socks having zero experience but passion, from his University dormitory. I have been able to come up with 5 top tips for building a fashion brand from zero experience.


“Passion is born when you catch a glimpse of your true potential” . Do you get excited when you shop for clothes or discover a new brand. Do people say you have a unique style, or do you customise clothes you have bought from the shops, so that is is unique and reflects your personality, if the answer to any of this is yes, this shouldn’t just be another hobby for you as there is a passion for fashion in your bones and its worth honning into that, which takes me unto my next tip.


Now you know there is great potential, you should practice to make yourself better at this hobby. Ask for feedbacks from your friends and family. Sketch your ideas on a notepad, invest on sewing equipment, you may be surprised how inexpensive these are online. James Buckley-Thorpe started off using a knitting machine which cost him only £40 from eBay, today the brand is worth millions. Do watch and learn from tutorials on youtube, Join Facebook or social media groups of people who share similar interests in making Fashion.


Ask For Help

Asking for help is something many people shy away from. Do not be afraid or ashamed to approach just about anyone, wether it is asking for feedback, or making a connection of people to help realise your vision. This is where I feel a platform like SEWPORT, can really be beneficial whether you are a start up or established brand, with a host of skilled manufacturers and experts who would be able to take your idea from a sketch book or your bedroom to a fully fledged brand.



Trust me, it isn’t that hard to be authentic, I know a lot of things have already been done and it could be hard to be innovative in the fashion industry, however drawing inspiration from anything and everything that resonates with you as an individual is one sure way to stay authentic. People are drawn to authenticity because it makes any brand stand out. Identify what makes you unique and channel it into your creativity.


Hard work Pays

Remember, having a passion for fashion is the reason, is the reason why you may have put in the work to read this article. Do put in the work in every step of your journey and make conscious decisions along the way to improve your skills. These will definitely show through in the results and give your future self something to thank your present self for.



Stay Stylish !!!


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