5 Fitness Tips for Outdoor Workouts

We are full swing into the summer, the right moment to spend beautiful sunny days exercising in the great outdoors, taking your fitness routine out of the stuffy gym and challenging your mind, body, and soul in a completely different way.

As the sun-laden days approach, you want to revisit your outdoor workout checklist in order to prepare for the vigorous workouts ahead. With that in mind, here are the five fitness tips you want to keep in mind when working out in the great outdoors.

Hydration is key

Not to say that hydration isn’t important no matter if you’re exercising in the dead of winter or the middle of beach season, but proper water intake does become imperative as the weather gets increasingly warmer. When you take your workout outside onto the warm pavement and the sizzling city streets, you want to make sure you have your water bottle with you to keep your energy levels topped off.

Even better, carry a healthy sports drink filled with energy-boosting electrolytes and carbs will help you push your workout to the max. However, don’t make the mistake of chugging your water down whenever you feel like it, but rather take calculated, controlled sips throughout the workout in order to maintain top performance.

To eat or not to eat prior to working out?

This is an age-old question people, as well as professional athletes, still have trouble answering – should you eat before a workout? The answer is: it depends. It depends on your personal preference, and more importantly, it depends on the type of workout you’re going to do that day. Needless to say, you shouldn’t overeat no matter the scenario, unless you want your training session to meet an abrupt end.

So consider this: if you’re going out for a long, steady-state jog or a similar type of workout, then go ahead and have a light snack. If you’re going to the park to do some bar strength training, then it might be best to eat some healthy carbs for explosive energy. Ultimately, you can opt for completely fasted training, which has its own benefits.

Staying safe, cool, and comfortable

One of the most important elements of successful outdoor training is staying injury-free, comfortable, and cool, especially during hot summer months. This means that you shouldn’t ditch your gym gear just because you’re exercising outside, so make sure you have your breathable shorts on, as well as a comfy performance shirt and a pair of decent gym shoes for traction and control. In turn, these key pieces of clothing will help you push your workouts without compromising safety.

Oh, the endless possibilities

When you take your workout outside, the world becomes your playing field. The possibilities are endless for creating a vigorous workout plan that will challenge your entire body, but also occupy your mind, unlike a stuffy gym.

While going out for an invigorating run is always an excellent way to get a good workout in, you can also think outside of the proverbial box and consider other interesting forms of exercise. From hiking and rock-climbing, to cycling, yoga, and intense bar workouts, the possibilities are endless, so make sure every day has something new in store.

Don’t forget your warm-ups and mobility

A common mistake people make is actually forgetting about their pre-workout routine simply because they are no longer confined to the dull gym atmosphere. While it is true that you no longer have to play by the rules of the iron jungle, the benefits of proper warm-ups and mobility still stand.

First off, it helps you wake your entire body for the workout ahead, elevating your performance. Secondly, by loosening up your joints and ligaments, and priming your muscles for the challenges ahead, you are effectively preventing injuries. So don’t forget your dynamic warm-ups prior to exercise, and be sure to spend at least five minutes cooling down when you’re done working out.

The warm, sunny weather is right around the corner, and now’s the perfect moment to prepare for your outdoor workout routine and say goodbye to the stale gym setting for the time being. Keep these essential tips in mind and you won’t have any problems taking your fitness game to the great outdoors.


This article is a featured guest post curated and written by my dear friend and contributor Lifestyle Writer, Peter Minkoff of High Style Life. Edited by Howey. The content is specially written for www.howeydon.com

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