How to have an unforgettable Summer ft. PROTEST

I am not the best swimmer, skateboarder and definitely cant surf, but it is a lifestyle that interests me and I am beginning to put more effort into learning.

Summer is for learning new hobbies, making memories and new friendships, and I feel finding a new hobby allows you to integrate into a new community of people who share the same interests as you, a great way of making new friends right?

Here are my top 3 tips for making a memorable summer:

Learn a new skill

Most skills once learnt will stay with you for the rest of your life, such as playing a new instrument, learning how to ride a motorbike , or surf. Learning a new skill not only takes you out of your comfort zone but also allows you to do things you thought were hard to do. Pretty rewarding when you are able to master that skill too.  For an outdoor skill it is fun to get the right wardrobe, and I find the brand Protest creates simple functional clothing.

Go on a Friends holiday

Do you have childhood friends you rarely see because of your busy work life, but you speak on the phone alot? Why not organise a  holiday, and visit a destination you have been itching to go. A holiday with a lot of outdoor activities planned will be great for building bonds and creating shared memories. One of my favourite travel blogs is by Bloggersboyfriend who shares what I feel are the best holiday destinations on his platforms. Beach holiday in mind? sort out your wardrobe nicely with pieces like I have in the editorial

See a Concert/ Festival

Festivals are an amazing way to see most of your favourite singers in a single of venue, make friends, and enjoy an intensely high energy of happiness. A great way to also find and associate a soundtrack to your summer. Booking in advance is important because you get the early bird prices as well as loose the risk of tickets being sold out.


Beachwear menProtest EU Beach wear men’s SurferMen’s beach wearSurfer dude



Thanks to Protest for collaborating with me on this post, the brand is kind of a cooler version of SuperDry because it doesn’t come with the big annoying Logo which makes you look like a walking advertisement. Also unlike SuperDry, they are a professional board brand, highly technical and have Pro Riders like O’Neill.

The clothes are relaxed and for guys, girls and kids who are super chilled. Perfect for summer beach holidays.



Gentry T-shirt Protest

California T-shirt 

Chaplin Hoodie

Ferne shorts Claus



Stay Stylish!!!

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