Argentum Luxury Skincare Review

A couple of months ago, I reached out to the brand Argentum , wanting to try their skin care products, as I am always curious to try new products especially with this brand having such a high price point. I wanted to know what made it so special.

The science behind the brand is the use of silver hydrosol and DNA HP to deliver hydrating, restorative and anti-aging care to the skin. I would not delve so much into the technicalities and science behind the formula, on this post, but tell you how this product made me feel after months of use?

The product arrived nicely packaged, and I opened it to find a trio of products. A moisturiser, face oil and a cleansing soap bar.

I introduced this product into my routine for a week as follows:

Cleanse my face at night time before before with the soap bar, which to my amazement left my skin feeling supple and moisturised even before I had used any other products from the trio. My face tends to feel dry when I use soap products on my it, so I get the urgent rush to moisturise immediately.

I then apply the ‘a potion infinie’ (moisturiser) which could be used as a day or night time cream. I prefer using this as a daytime cream simply because of how silky it feels and how it absorbs into my skin. A Perfect base to apply your concealer and foundation if you wear them.

The Oil is meant too be used alongside the moisturiser, but I personally found that when used during the day it made my face a little too shiny, so I have opted to use this oil as my night time cream after washing my face with the bar.

Hands down, one of the good luxury skincare products I have used, because after a week of use I could notice a significant difference – my face felt silky and looked visibly brighter.

Only cons to this product is the price point.

Although you have to use the trio very sparingly anyway as a little goes a long way.

Hugely recommended if you want to try a new Luxe formula.

What are your thoughts on Luxury skin care products, are there any other brands you use and swear by? I would love to know.


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