the love story of a young opulent black gentleman from a royal African background

Winter seems to be dragging on in many cities all over the world, and I for one is ready to say farewell to the blustery cold winds and snow and embrace the longer days of blissful spring sunshine.

While the winter involved days of wearing all black to the days of mixing a bit of colour and layers in clothing. Many gentlemen, look forward to days where they can get away with less layers and heavy coats.

Whatever your personal style, I would be curating more content on winter to spring transitional wardrobe tips, to guide you on maximising the most out of your current wardrobe. If you have any questions you would like me to answer, you can leave a comment on there or send me an Instagram message.

Looking at the photos from this shoot, I have come up with this story in my head…

Inspired by the weather, set in 1920’s Scotland – the story of a young opulent black gentleman from a royal African background, who fell in love with a middle class white girl.

Their relationship was forbidden due to racial, religious and social differences.

They would secretly meet everyday, at the break of dawn, come rain , come snow, come shine…

Love knows no boundaries.

Maybe I should develop this story, what do you think?

Photography: Dylan Drummond of @sonofthesea photography, based in Dundee, Scotland.

You can see more of his work here


Suit jacket Topman

Suit Trousers Topman

Deep Red Jumper Topman


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