How to nail streetstyle and get papped

I feel street style isn’t about celebrities and the clothes they have been paid to wear, as you see on the runways. It is about regular people who express themselves through how they dress. More genius, authentic and original for this reason, the best run way is the streets.

From my experience as a blogger, I have seen how getting street photographed by photographers is important. It helps with getting great pictures you can repost, you get to see your self tagged on multiple Instagram style accounts, which in turn helps your following and even better your image could be featured on a massive platform like VOGUE or GQ.

When I first attended fashion week as a blogger, I witnessed how ‘authentic’ or ‘desperate’ some fashionistas could be. From wearing the outright bizarre clothing and accessories, to the more carefully curated and stylish ensemble. I learnt that there is no room for average when it comes to being noticed by photographers – even though you walked a million times in front of them pretending to be on your phone speaking to that imaginary assistant.

Hahaha, its quite interesting to watch really and this is one of the reasons I love what I do…


I have had the chance to speak to several photographers and here is what I now know when it comes to what they look for when photographing street style.


  • Photographers who work for major publications unfortunately are puppets to a bigger board who give them a briefing of what kind of styles and people to photograph, usually people wearing brands of certain designers or trends of that season – this makes sense, when it comes to publicity. However, the lack of diverse representation is also perpetuated by these boards for example – blonde skinny girls to be papped, or black girls with cropped afro hair only…


  • Bright colours do look better in photographs – Give photographers vibrant colours to make their portfolio of work more interesting. Stylishly putting certain colours together will make you look like a walking editorial model


  • Look comfortable and confident, own whatever you are wearing with confidence and the right attitude. Doing so makes you look effortless and authentic. Photographers are drawn to this.


  • If photographers don’t lift up and aim their lenses when you walk past the first time, they wouldn’t do so if you walked past to and fro a hundred times more, pretending to not notice them. They know exactly what you are doing.


  • Don’t be too posey when getting street photographed, the beauty in a street style photo comes with being natural. Smile, walk, spin around and if you re lucky to get pulled for a photo by a photographer, listen to their directions.


  • Street style photographs aim to tell a story. Your are in better luck if your outfit compliments your surrounding.


  • Get together your group of friends and dress up alike in a way to compliment each other – squad goals. Photographers would love this as there is a story which can be implied form such an image.


  • Be quirky, pair up accessories that may conventionally not work well together, Customise an outfit to reflect your creativity and make you stand out from everyone else. Photographers would love you.


photo @liabphotography

Merz Jacket Weekday store

Mural Sweater Weekday storeĀ 

Trousers Zara

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shirt Topman

photo @liabphotography
photo @fijiwateruk keeping my hydration in check


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coat Topman


Stay Stylish!!!

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