Confession : A Valentines Day Love Story

Whether you will be spending Valentines day all loved up with your partner or alone, I feel it is a day to treat all the precious people you hold dear to your heart with Love and then some.

I ll tell you a personal story.

I had only just being in the relationship for several months and then it was our first Valentines Day.

First, I had that fulfilling thought of not being alone on that day as I did the year before and secondly,  being a romantic, I wanted to appreciate and impress my partner with not just things money could buy, but also with a well and carefully thought out sentimental gift. Something that would stand the test of time. So, here is what I did…

I found a coffee table ornament box – looks like a Jewellery box. The idea was simple. I was going to print a  passport sized photo from every single month we had been together, glue each to a card and write a love note of the great memories we had shared for each month.

As I enjoy capturing moments on my phone, it was easy to collect these pictures, the hard part was choosing what photograph would make it to this ‘Lovebox of memories’ I was creating.

This gift didn’t put a dent to my bank account, but its sentimental value was priceless.

If you are wondering… Of course, I did splash out on a material gift, just because I wanted to go that extra mile.


The moral – Sentimental Gifts do often hold  a greater value, as they are often well thought about and comes entirely from the heart. 


I reached out to some brands which I liked, to bring you a little guide and inspiration when it comes to making that choice on what to buy your loved ones this Valentines day.

Valentines gift

This wristwatch is from the brand Camden Watch Company. A brand which offers a stylish range of wristwatches for men and women. Made in Camden London.


Valentines gift

An essential path to our physical well being is a healthy and youthful skin. RADARA is a brand which provides a range of skin care products to help boost the skin. It boasts active ingredients to help with rejuvenating, diminishing wrinkles. repairing.

Natural signs of aging, like crows feet, dry skin can be combated using specialist products from another skin care brand  Neostrata which I have recently come across.

As I have only just started using this products I would be sure to do a review about each of them soon.

Valentines gift

Every woman loves a rose, even better when she receives it in the spectacle of people. For example sending flowers to her workplace, She would beam with pride and her colleagues would admire the gesture. Super sweet right? These InfiniLondon roses are real Roses that have been treated to last a year. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays and other milestone occasions.

A healthy sex life is important in every relationship. Add some fun to it by trying out new things. Don’t be embarrassed to suggest new things like sex positions, toys, and even fore plays and after-plays.

Let me introduce you to the Miss Vivien – the beauty of sex. A luxurious sexual cosmetic brand that offers the luxury of pleasure in seduction, stimulation and ecstasy.

The special Valentine’s Day package – intimacy regime pack, is designed to fuel your sexual imagination, which makes it a perfect treat for couples on Valentine’s Day and every other day.


Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day.


Stay Stylish!!!


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