What men want for valentines day

It could be daunting trying to figure out what ‘special thing’ you could gift your boyfriend,Lover, dad, brother or any special man in your life for Valentines day.

My idea of a perfect Valentines gift is one that celebrates happy memories, a gift of great sentimental value irregardless its financial value.

Any man would love a box filled with their favourite grooming products, cut out of pictures of happy memories like holidays or moments that mark a milestone of the relationship. So whilst you think of those precious and epically sentimental moments, I would give you an idea of somethings he would love



Men are becoming more and more aware of their physical appearance, but the thing is most men are not as experimental when it comes to trying out new skincare routines and regime. This is why it would be great to gift him some skincare products formulated for men.

Clinique and lab series for men

One brand I would recommend even in my sleep is Clinique and Lab series specially formulated for men. It is amazing how these products work. I filmed a youtube video on my skin care routine, check it out here.

Clinique male groomingValentines gift men

Novelty Fetish Gift

If he loves to have fun and see you dress up as a sexy nurse or a maid. Then it is your turn to live your fantasy. Nothing pleases a man more than to know that he absolutely pleases his partner in the bedroom, so therefore he would absolutely love the idea of him dressing up. Make him wear a cheeky pair of underwear whilst he cooks you dinner, and maybe a pair of special socks to go with it. Here is an ideal pair from sockshop, they make all sorts of fancy socks and underwear, so check it out if you like the idea.

Valentine underwear Footfetish valentines day

Remember Valentines day is not exactly a day to break the bank, although Diamonds and Lush Dinners and hotel stays on this day are popular, you should create new memories and re-fall in love.

Lab series clay mask

Lab series exfoliating face wash

Lab series moisturiser

Sockshop love heart boxers

Sockshop love hear socks

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What is your ideal gift to receive on valentines day? share with me in the comments section below.


Stay Stylish!!!


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