5 simple Winter to Spring Transitional wardrobe Tips

Days are slowly begining to get longer and the nights shorter. That means one thing – SPRING!!!

Almost time to ditch the dark heavy coats and chunky layers to much lighter and vibrant colours.

Here are my top tips to make that wardrobe transition.


Replace chunky knit wool and fur scarfs with cotton and linen scarfs. They are less heavier and a more breathier choice of fabric.


When suited and booted, opt for bright coloured pocket squares. The little detail would do amazingly in springing up suits in navy and black.


Trench coats can usually be worn all year round, and it is a perfect choice for spring. Trenches are usually made from cotton, a perfect fabric for spring. In this post, I am wearing one from New and Lingwood.


Ditch chunky sweaters for layers. For instance, a vest, a t-shirt and then a shirt, throw on a scarf if you feel like it. Layering is a trend that would never go out of style.


when it comes to aftershaves and perfumes, in the spring try something new, for example leathery and spicy notes in a perfume  work best in the winter, whereas fruity and flowery notes are perfect for spring.

Jermyn Street SS18New & Lingwood trench coatJermyn Street Jermyn Street London

Are there any tips you have for transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring? I would love to know.

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Stay Stylish !!!

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