Trashy Boy Collection with KA WA KEY, Autumn Winter 18

KA WA KEY AW18 collection is called ‘Trashy Boy’.
It’s a story of a young guy who goes to trashy clubs wearing trashy clothes. The collection is inspired by 80’s and 90’s trashy and “ugly” fashion and styles,  so this is our interpretation of them with our soft and dreamy touch. We continued to use and further develop our signature fabric treatments devore and cracked.
I wouldn’t know what to imagine if I read this brief without seeing the collection. I would think maybe definitely not for me! how trashy is too trashy!!!
As I walked into the British fashion show space, my eyes were drawn straight to KA WA KEY stall. I knew I had to speak to the designer , try on the clothes and find out what inspired the collection.
What a warm and friendly reception by Jarno Leppanen, one half of the gentlemen behind the brand. I didn’t know what part of the clothes rail I would start from. Each piece was a statement characterised by crack-textured fabrics and shearling  and faux fur giving it a 2 dimensional and luxurious feel. Utterly vibrant in colour and artistic in design.
Winter could be a gloomy time of the year with the dull and short days especially in the UK. A piece from this collection would surely be one to brighten your mood.For instance the crack mohair green coat as seen on the model in the first picture.
I felt like buying on the spot, even though they were only samples of whats to come later this year.
The design, structure and fabric makes this collection simply genius for me. The trousers may not be my personal style for reasons such as practicality but I’m sure they are super comfy for relaxed lounge wears.
If you like to stand out, achieve style and comfort at the same time then this collection is one to stock up on, come AW18.
 Ka wa key AW18
KA WA KEY Autumn winter 18KA WA KEY Autumn winter 18KA WA KEY Autumn winter 18KA WA KEY AUTUMN WINTER 18KA WA KEY Autumn winter 18KA WA KEY Autumn winter 18KA WA KEY aw18KA WA KEY AW18
What do you think of the collection? I would love to know, so please leave a comment below.
Stay Stylish!!!

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