Top tips to achieving comfort and style this winter – ft. Cameron Charles

There are three kinds of people in the winter season. Those who like to wear a jacket to cover a poor effort outfit, those who do not wear a jacket so they can show off their nice outfit, and those who wear a jacket to compliment their outfit. Whatever group you belong to, here are my tips for achieving comfort and style this season.



Starting with a vest has a base, you can add a variety of layers. The traditional way for most men is wearing a shirt and a jumper or cardigan over the shirt. Wool scarfs are perfect for the day whilst silk scarfs are more suited for evenings. Beanie hats and caps are relaxed and casual, perfect for daytime and outdoor days. Dapper up your look with a structured classic hat for the evening such as a Fedora or Bowler hat.


Give your outfit a boost and character with accessories with hats and scarfs and even fancy leather gloves. If you think you loose gloves easily, then that is because you do not look after them.  A good an expensive pair of gloves means you may just pay a little more care to them. A pocket square or a lapelle pin on a coat would could be a way of matching your coat to your outfit as well as changing things up, so you don’t get bored.


I believe every man needs three key types of jacket in theirs wardrobe, which are an overall coat, a  rain proof  coat such as a bomber or parka coat and a leather coat. Owning all three means you can match your coats to fit the weather as well as wherever place you need to be, outdoors or indoors. This leads me into introducing you a a luxury bespoke brand.



If you love luxury bespoke pieces in your wardrobe, this brand is a go to brand for that. Their style of jackets and coats are very British and quintessential. The design signature combines the silhouette of Savile Row with the deconstructed finish found in Neapolitan tailoring.

I own the contour luxury leather coat which I am wearing in this post. Made out of real leather in quilted pattern. Lined with soft satin fabric and the finest cotton tartan print. If you love the attention to detail then this jacket is one to have, my favourite in the current collection. I have paired it up with a turtle neck , and what I love about this jacket is how it can be dressed up or down to suit whatever occasion you are wearing it for.

I have linked this jacket below and you can have a look to every other styles in the collection.

Charles Cameron jacketCharles Cameron jacketCharles Cameron jacketCharles Cameron jacket


What I am wearing 

Contour Luxury Leather coat HERE




Stay Stylish!!!

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