How to Have a Jolly Christmas if You’re Single


Christmas is just around the corner, and that means spending the holidays with the person you love, and watching Love Actually until you know all the lines by heart. But what if you’re single? Should single people feel saddened by the holidays only because they have no romantic partner to share them with? Of course not. Don’t worry, the options you have are actually way more fun than those of people in relationships and marriages (which is basically talking and eating together, just like any other day, with the only difference that this is a formal night). So, if you’re single, don’t pout – here are some fun tips for you:

Stay in your pyjamas

The most obvious way to spend your single Christmas day is by staying in your pyjamas the whole day. Why not? Make this Christmas a bit more special – go out and get some nice Christmas pyjamas (if you don’t have any), put them on and spend the whole day wearing them. Even if you plan to go out for a cup of coffee or to the supermarket – why not in your pyjamas? Also, you can throw a fantastic pyjama party at your house, where you can gossip, drink wine and talk about all the great moments 2017 brought to you. There are plenty of Christmas pyjama party games online that you can browse through and organize a nice game night.


Surprise yourself

Since you’re single, you can spend all the money that you would otherwise spend on a Christmas present for somebody else on yourself. Go out and buy yourself something nice – it is regarded as a token of good luck when you buy something for yourself the day before Christmas. Also, be spontaneous. Take the map of your city, close your eyes and point to a certain place. Then go to that place, because who knows why the universe made you point there! Christmas is special and magical things could happen – let them!

Host a movie marathon

You probably have friends that are going to spend their Christmas day alone or with relatives, so why not invite them over and organise a nice movie marathon with lots of popcorn, sweets and alcohol? Make sure to check out some of the classic Christmas movies, and if you want to make it a themed movie marathon, choose series such as Home Alone, or Harry Potter. Christmas is all about being cosy and comfortable, and what better way is there than staying at home with some of your besties, talking, laughing and watching movies that you know the plots of?


Organize a killer party

Since single people often feel left out, maybe it’s time to prove the taken ones otherwise! Take your time to organize the best singles Christmas party (or perhaps the only one) of the year. You can either go big or small. If you go with the latter, invite a couple of your single friends and tell them to do the same. Why not have a nice gathering, pop a bottle of Monmousseau Brut Etoile, and dance the night away? If you opt for going big, however, you could try and book a small cafe or a club. Make invitations, add an event on Facebook and invite all the single people you know. You won’t be wasting a lot of money. You can buy all the drinks in advance and set an entrance price that everyone has to pay if they want to attend. That way you will both pay for the drinks and the venue, and perhaps even have something left for yourself as the organiser.


Spend Christmas with your family

Finally, another option would be to spend the holidays with your family and relatives. Since adult life is very difficult and full of responsibilities, maybe you don’t have enough time to go and see your family members very often. Christmas could be a great opportunity for that.

To sum up, there are excellent possibilities for you, as a single person, to spend Christmas. If you choose any of these ideas, you’ll definitely have a better night then most of your taken friends!




This post was written by friend and contributor Peter Minkoff of High Style Life.


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