For most people, staying in in a hotel is more than having a bed and a roof over your head when you are far away from home. It is about having a good and memorable experience of comfort, be it a business or leisure stay. I have put this article together with our travel expert, Peter Minkoff to bring you the little secrets to having the best experience at your next hotel.



 Plan your arrival at the hotel at least an hour before your check-in time. Waiting in a lobby for an hour should not seem like a boring idea, especially because it is very unlikely to happen. Politely ask the receptionist if there is, somehow, a chance for you to check-in an hour early. If your room is not ready yet, you can always ask whether you can use a facility while you’re waiting for the room. You are most likely to be checked into one of the better available rooms if you haven’t already pre requested one.

If you want to be more productive in your hotel stay – you can also ask whether it’s possible to have a late check-out. Note down that these are not rare requests as they happen many times. So at least try to get yourself an extra hour or two.



Never go to a hotel unprepared! Before checking in, find out what the facilities they offer are, what are the working hours of those facilities and the costs of everything you are interested in – those exact facilities, the room service, or mini bar. Try to avoid all future surprises. Moreover, if you can apply to a certain activity or a facility online, do so before arriving at the hotel in order to save time both for you and the receptionist.



Even though you will be spending most of your time outside of the hotel, whether the beach (if you’re on a summer holiday), or exploring the city. Try to plan out your day in relation to the working hours of the hotel facilities. For example, if the spa works until four or five in the afternoon, have the local destination management services develop the program of your sightseeing for that or the following day while you and your group of friends or colleagues relax nicely. If your lifestyle involves a lot of business travelling, you will recognise how hard it is to stay fit and healthy. What works for me is hitting before breakfast, for at least half an hour or 45 minutes, and save the nights after dinner for a nice sauna therapy.



It’s always good to have a friend in the concierge of the hotel – you never know when you will need the number of their Uber driver. They can be your best friend and personal assistant without even knowing it. If you befriend the maids, you can get just as many new sheets and towels you want. That way, your next visit to the same hotel can land you a room with an even better view and better room service. Be nice and friendly with the staff. Tip the maids and reception staff, from my experience, this gesture will be reciprocated with a VIP treatment.


Thank you to the wonderful staff of the Malmaison hotel Dundee for looking after me.  The pictures where shot in the  beautiful grand suite with the most beautiful views of the city.



Malmaison hotel dundeeMalmaison hotel dundee Malmaison hotel dundeeLuxury hotel Malmaison hotels

Balmain FW16


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Leopard Velvet Jacket  Noose and Monkey

Embellished Jacket FW16  BALMAIN


Do you love travelling or staying in hotels? I would live to hear your experiences in the comments section.



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