Best Kept Secrets To Finding The Right Shoes For Men ft. Jesusegunlondon Bespoke Shoes

There are few things a man can buy to fully transform their wardrobe from basic to being durable and functional all year round. One of those things are an impeccably made pair of shoes. Read on to discover my tips to finding the right pair.

When it comes to footwear, it is worth investing the most you can in a classic pair, just like a suit a watch or a signature scent.

Shoes with a purpose 

You wouldn’t wear flip flops to go on a trek would you? I wouldn’t!  Shoes are shaped and constructed differently to suit their purpose. For hiking invest in shoes with sturdy uppers, great ankle support and traction. Sporting activities require shoes to fit the sport, for example tennis shoes would not make great running shoes, so it is wise to speak to the seller for advice.

Sole to Sole

Think about the material the soles are made out of. In my experience the best soles are hard soles made out of leather or great quality wood, because they last a long time. The cons of hard soles shoes is the noise it makes when walking.Hard to get un-noticed!

Shoe Material

Shoes are made from different materials, and each material is graded differently. A good dress shoes will be made from high grade leather from animal skins or even synthetic leather (preference). Materials such as patent and suede do not require polishing whereas others do. For sports, breathable high tech fabrics are a prefered choice, as they last longer and are easier to maintain.

Fit shoes

Breaking into the shoes are a nightmare but with the right size, you probably don’t have to go through the pain. Seek the services of an experienced shoe salesman to measure your feet. If you have wide feet, opt for shoes with a more stream lined design, to create a narrower illusion.

Heels and Platforms

Your posture when standing and walking could be greatly improved by the style and height of your shoe heels. Flat soles are great in sporting, hiking and beach shoes, whereas  not for formal occasions. Shorter guys, opt for shoe designs with a platform or heel to add some inches. Taller guys, do not have a problem. Most ladies love their men tall.



When it comes to dress shoes , I love investing in a luxurious pair with a reasonable price point. A great pair will last you several years if worn with care. Being a fan of Christian louboutin and Jimmy choos amongst others I have recently found a pair that fits right into that category and it is a brand called JESUSEGUNLONDON.

luxury bespoke crafted shoes with its signature hand painted green bottoms are designed in the UK and made in Italy.

The shoes are characterised by the attention to detail with studs, spikes,buckles done in a tasteful and masculine way.

If you love to stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons, without shedding a fortune on a pair of Louboutins, this brand comes close.

In these editorial I am wearing the tasseled loafers in snake print.

Jesusegunlondon shoesJesusegunlondon shoesJesusegunlondon luxury shoesJesusegunlondon luxury shoes


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