TOP HEALTHY SKIN SECRETS ft. Absolute Collagen

  • Eat Pink

Besides being a pretty pink fish, Salmon is known for being a tasty delicacy high in protein. It also boosts a high source  of omega-3, which helps skin inflammation that causes redness. Omega 3 helps build the cellular structure of the skin, so introducing salmon into your diet will mean you wont have to spend as much money buying overly priced anti-aging products at your favourite drug store.


Sweat it all out.

One great thing excercising does is increases your heart rate, and that means faster flow of blood which carries oxygen all around the body. More oxygen to the skin results in brighter complexion. If you are unable to routinely excerise for whatever reason, I would encourage using saunas and steam rooms to trigger the body into producing more sweat.


H to the Ohhhh

Consuming a lot of water helps with skin revitilisation, and flushing out toxins from your internals. Water leaves your skin looking radiant, even and supple. Drink water when you are thirsty and every so often in between meals. A good splash of water and a wash every night before bed does wonders with removing dead skin cells that causes dull skin.


Fight Wrinkles Early

Boost cell growth and collagen production with retinol based creams and Collagen supplements.. One supplement I have recently discovered is Absolute Collagen, which helps increases the body’s collagen level, as our bodys production of collagen depletes as we get older. Collagen boost cell renewal, which helps maintain skin and hair amongst other things.



‘Skincare miracle in a satchet’ is what I would call this product after two weeks of use. It comes in little satchets which contains 8 grams of collagen and 9 grams of protein.

As I am always on the look out for new ways to boost my skin and overall health naturally without trying too many creams and supplements, I am happy to say that this product is now included in my daily skin care routine due to the many benefits in healthy hair and nails plus the added protein which is essential for muscle repair.

Its syrupy texture and consistency makes it easy to ingest, and if you are not a fan of syrups, you can mix it into a glass of water.

Another amazing thing is this product is tailor made for HIS and HER. So don’t leave your other half behind when ordering yours.

Visit the absolute collagen website here


Absolute collagen

Absolute collagen

Absolute collagen

Absolute collagen


Let’s get this post interactive, I would like to know your organic and non-organic skin care secrets, so tell me in the comments section below.


Stay Stylish!!!

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