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The summer has bidden us farewell, but this is not the reason to fall out of shape. There are many ways to work out without really noticing that you’re burning calories and flexing muscles. The world of modern fitness is loaded with opportunities and activities that are neither time-consuming nor tedious. Gyms, weightlifting, running, cross fit: This is all just the tip of the iceberg. So, it is time to dive in and find a unique, fitness-based activity that floats your boat.

Make a run for it

Think outside the box and strive to break the monotony of regular workouts. Gyms are not the only place you can break a sweat and the membership is often not a good enough motivation anyway. The weather is still bearable and the great outdoors awaits you. You better answer the call before the winter rolls in. Of course, you can always go for the good old running, swimming, biking, and typical outdoor sports. Then again, today’s world offers fresh experiences like aqua cycling, FloatFit, and deep house yoga. 

And if you need a push to make it happen or something to make things interesting, we have some good news. You have probably heard of the global phenomenon called Pokémon GO, but there are plenty of other games that encourage you to get active. Zombies Run is an amazing app that brings some undead fun to your run. It is a combination of a quest-based mobile game, a serial zombie show, and a lot of legwork. Another app worth noting is Geocaching, which invites you to dive into the world of hidden treasures and thrilling adventures.

Full of beans

autumn exercise

Next, I would recommend a sport called the ultimate Frisbee. Think of it as a cardiovascular equivalent of soccer that takes place on empty fields. It is much more competitive than the regular Frisbee and involves more teamwork. The beauty of it is that you can improve skills such as hand-eye coordination and get your metabolism going. Apart from that, feel free to utilize other simple tools such as hula hoops and rope. Try out the Punk Rope, for example, which is a combination of recess and boot camp, with a variety of fitness games and themed workouts. 

And if you do want to head to the gym or exercise inside, why not opt for something a bit more interesting than pumping iron? In a mixed martial arts gym, you can finally become fit and badass, while improving your overall flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance. If this is not a win-win I don’t know what it is. Or, find a specialized studio and get into aerial arts. Twirl, spin, and flip through the air to develop major upper body strength. You’ll be surprised with just how fun and challenging these sessions are.

The ball is in your court

Furthermore, there are also some lesser-known activities that are actually a great form of exercise. Take, trampoline dodgeball, for instance. This is a great challenge for athletic and sporty types and the cardiovascular component benefits everyone from pros to amateurs. If you’re not really a fan of dodgeball, leave it out, and just go to a trampoline park for an intense jumping session. You will effectively burn calories while having a blast at the same time.

At last, pole dancing is not something that people associate with fitness. However, this is an amazing exercise that requires you to use your body weight in order to perform outstanding feats of strength. With all that flipping up, down, and around, you’ll burn massive calories. Moreover, you’ll also get a chance to unleash your inner Demi Moore and build an indestructible core. The list of options goes on and includes a lot of other seemingly-weird ways to witness the fitness, such as rave aerobics.

Fit as a fiddle

autumn exercise

If you ask me, it is high time to shake up your exercise regimen or make first steps toward physical greatness. You can steer away from treadmills and weights and still achieve your goals and get fit. All you have to do is look beyond the same old horizon of conventional fitness. Discover exciting new activities that are right up your alley. Get a dose of workout together with a dash of fun. Experience the alternative fitness at its finest and preserve good health and figure.


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