3 Powerful Steps to Grabbing Life By The Balls – Inspirational


It’s Not Fair

Many of us fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others. Measuring our success against others, we whine and say it’s not fair, when others succeed and we don’t. Ask yourself the question ‘what’s not fair?’
Life is not fair and the sooner you realise this the better. You get out of life what you put into it. Nobody owes you anything and the sooner you decide to put your destiny into your own hands the sooner you start becoming a happier person. You can’t control the thoughts and mindsets of other people, you can only control you. You can only control your actions which determines results and outcomes. Whining is a toxic mindset, so rather than pouring out your frustrations on social media ‘Facebook-what’s on your mind’ and playing victim to every event you cannot control, take a sit back and ask yourself  ‘what is in my control? Make it fair by letting go of the situations and things you cannot influence or control, don’t whine and moan for long, it is a waste of time. Focus on your strength and be grateful for it.


Believe In Yourself

Confidence is something that can be learnt. The first step to doing this is acknowledging your weakness and believing in your own strength. You will thrive in almost any area of your life once you begin to believe in your strength. I don’t care what you have been through, everyone has a past and their demons. Only difference is that they don’t make themselves victims by singing it out – Courage.
To inspire self confidence, surround yourself by people who accept you for who you are and who believe in your strength. Sign post self complimentary notes such as ‘ I am a star’ in strategic places around your home, like your bedside table or your mirror. You are worth it.


Put In The Work

You see people who are successful in the their jobs, relationships and life in general and wonder how they managed it.
These things don’t come naturally, success isn’t handed on a silver platter to anyone, it is hard to achieve. One skill to start developing is being a problem solver. I can’t get a girlfriend, I can’t get a good job, I can’t dress well – figure it out. If you surround yourself with people who have a looser and pessimistic mindset then it’s probably time to change your circle of friends.


You are amazing , you have great potential, you can be successful , you can have a great relationship. Believe these things and put in the work. You are your thoughts. The sky is your limit.



I thought I would share these pictures from this beautiful location St. Montrose Aberdeenshire on this article. Places like this make me happy because it makes me feel like the only one in the world. I can sit down and appreciate nature, clear my head off toxic thoughts and allow refreshment of the mind.

When was the last time you treated yourself to yourself – no you didn’t read that wrong, read it again, do you now understand?


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Thanks for reading, i would love to know your thoughts on how you ‘grab yourself by the balls’. Leave a comment and don’t forget to share this post if you have been inspired.


Photography : Bisola Aladenika


Stay Stylish!!!

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