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First impressions are everything, and this happens in the first ten seconds you meet someone new. Impressions are made from your body language such as how you handshake to your physical appearance like what you wear and how you scent. Before I share with you my top 5 tips and secrets for scenting your best, enjoy the beautiful sights of St Cyrus in Aberdeenshire Scotland.

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Less is more

Fact – over powering perfumes are just as bad as an offensive body odour. You don’t need to bath in your perfume, smelling like a perfume store, three to five squirts is perfect. The amount of squirts you need depend on the concentration of oils used in making the perfume. Try two squirts on yourself the first time you wear any perfume to measure out how it functions performance wise. Figure out how many hours it lasts, how pungent it is, how it interacts with your deodorant and moisturiser. Ask for feedback from your friends how it scents on you. These should help you figure out the perfect amount you need to wear.

Pulse points / Where to apply

You scent the best by squirting all over your clothes – wrong!!!  Your neck and wrists are areas of the body which heats up due to their high level flow of blood. Applying perfumes to these areas would better absorb the perfume oils allowing it to dissipate and spread out better. Squirting on your clothes made out of fabric causes the perfume to dry out and evaporate faster. Spraying directly on the skin is one sure way to optimise the performance of your perfume.


Most gentlemen have a signature Fragrance, perhaps after many months of wearing the same perfume, your nostrils would naturally become numb to its scent, which means you fall into the mistake on Tip number 1. Have a minimum of three fragrances, and you can group them in two, such as daytime and nigh time wear. Just like you don’t wear a single pair of shoes for every occasion to avoid wear and tear you shouldn’t do the same with  perfumes.


Find your signature

There are thousands of perfume brands and scents out there to choose from, do not let this be daunting process. Find out what scent category works best for you, these categories include spicy, aromatic, fruity, sweet, oud, dry. Once you have determined what scent you like, you can then build a collection of perfumes and narrow it down to a signature. Tip: You don’t have to buy hundreds of bottles to determine what you like – simply ask for samples.


Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette

Know the difference. The intensity of a perfume depends on its concentration. Eau de Parfum are concentrated volumes of  scents whereas eau de toilette are diluted volumes. This is the reason a Parfum is more expensive than its toilette version, and also why you need fewer squirts when wearing a parfum. A Parfum will last longer than a toilette.Tip: Invest in Eau de parfum versions as they perform best.


In this editorial, I feature my current favourites which are Emporio Armani’s latest launch ‘Stronger with you’  and the Acqua Di Parma Colonia Pura. You can watch their fun launch parties and my review video on YouTube.



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