How To Choose The Perfect Sunglasses: 5 Top Tips


The primary purpose of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from the harmful rays of sunshine whilst simultaneously helping to prevent your skin from fine lines and wrinkles.When it’s sunny, we tend to squint our eyes and what this does is develop squint lines around the eyes into wrinkles -crows feet, which would make you look older than you actually are. I am sure you will agree with me that nobody wants this.

The secondary reason for wearing sunglasses is simply to make you look cool (primary reason for some like me).

Finding the right sunglasses that serves its primary purpose as well as making you look stylish and trendy could be a daunting task. This post should help to make that task a lot more easier if you follow these 5 simple steps below.



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Shape of your face

For simplicity , let’s divide this into 4 main shapes .Oval, Rounded, square and triangular face shapes. Look in the mirror and try to figure out which of these shapes is closest to your face. The key to picking the right sunglasses is to find a frame that contrasts and balances your face shape. For example if you have a round face, you should pick a frame with well defined edges, such as a square or rectangular shaped frame. For a face with well defined lines – jaws and cheekbones, a curvier shaped frame would soften your look.

Size matters

Glasses come different sizes. Wearing sunglasses the width of your cheekbones is one rule of thumb in determining if a pair are too small or two big for you. You don’t wanna look like a peanut head or a balloon head either way. Pay attention to the dimensions of the sunglasses if you are buying them online.


Stay away from the dodgy rectangular mini mirrors that only allows you see the sunglasses you are wearing whilst trying them on. These mirrors only serve to flatter the pair of sunglasses and not how it suits your face. Using a full length mirror or one that shows your shoulders up, allows you to see how well it fits your face in terms of size and shape.


Sunglasses frames and lenses all come in different colours. Finding a colour that flatters your skin tone, outfit and occasion should not be tricky at all. Play it safe by owning a classic and versatile pair, that has a black frame with dark lenses, this would suit all occasions, such as a formal event like an outdoor wedding to an informal event such as a beach party. You can begin to invest in coloured frames and lenses once you have a good classic pair.

What’s the occasion 

If you need a pair that would go with most outfits and occasions, then a pair of aviators are what you need. To look more hip and trendy, I would recommend the retro-inspired framed glasses like round or other fancy shaped frames. For the beach, a pair of wafers sunglasses made popular by Raybans are what to go for.


VVA Eyewear

I have teamed up with luxury eye wear brand Veni Vidi Amavi otherwise known as VVA. They design a wide range of sunglasses that would fit every occasion like I have discussed above. This brand prides itself in its unique and distinctive shape and sizes in their eye wear from subtle to eccentric pieces.

In this editorial I am wearing the signature VVA 375 model, a pair made of a gold plated and black frame with clear lenses, which means I can wear it even in the winter season as well as indoors helping me keep my stylish points up without looking like a pretentious odd ball who wears sunglasses indoors. They are a dressy and classy piece which would perfectly go well with a smart to smart-casual outfit.

VVA Eyewear specialist team will be more than happy to help you make the right decision in picking the right sunglasses whether its your first pair or your hundredth pair, all you have to do is drop them an email.

Another cool thing about this brand is the packaging. The sunglasses arrives in a very stylish black box with the signature VVA logo written in gold. The attention to its packaging detail is simply incredible which means it could sit nicely in your display cupboard or even make a great gift for your loved ones.

Dont miss out on a 10% discount by signing onto the VVA newsletter on the website.


You can check out and shop the entire collection of Luxury VVA sunglasses HERE

In the editorial I  am wearing VVA LUX CLEAR LENSES

Jacket ZARA

Photography : Bisola Aladenika

Editor: Howey


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