5 Bespoke Style Tips for Young Gentlemen

If you’re a young man with an undefined personal style when it comes to fashion, you’re at the right place. Here are five amazing style tips for young gentlemen you simply need to know about, so stay with us and keep on reading!


Learn to pick the right footwear

If you’ve heard that men don’t care about shoes, we have to say that this is everything but true! However, picking the right shoes can be a bit challenging – especially if you don’t really know what type of footwear goes with particular clothing items. When in doubt, try to pick a pair that matches the color your pants. Even a bit darker shoes will look amazing in your combo. Casual pants like chinos or khakis can be worn with loafers, oxfords and sneakers, whereas dress pants require more formal footwear made from shinier materials. A bit bulkier soles also indicate a dressier shoe!

 Luxury shoe collection

Accessorize like a pro

The process of putting your perfect outfit together can’t be complete without accessorizing, so make sure to never skip this step. A belt is one of the most frequently picked accessories out there, and the fact is that many men don’t even consider it an accessory – it’s an absolute must that keeps their pants in place. If you’re going to wear a belt, try to match it to your shoes because you’ll look much more polished this way. Apart from that, you should also get a stylish watch which will help you achieve that chic and classy look you’re striving for. Watches never go out of style, so you definitely won’t make a mistake with them!

 Belt collection

Make sure your suit fits your body perfectly

A formal suit is an absolute must when it comes to any young gentleman’s style, and if you aren’t quite sure which one to pick, here are some essential tips you should stick to. First of all, you should ensure that it perfectly fits your body, which is exactly why stylish custom suits are probably the best option out there. A suit that’s too tight can look equally disastrous as a too baggy one, so you should always opt for a tailored suit that’s been designed exclusively for your body. As for the colors, charcoal and navy blue are probably the most popular ones, apart from the timeless black!

 Stylish Luxury suits

Casual to smart in 5 seconds

Switching from casual to smart and vice versa isn’t always a piece of cake. It can be a bit challenging especially if you love to wear statement clothing items like patterned jackets, interesting bow ties, or some bright shades that can’t remain unnoticed. That’s exactly why you need to own some basic pieces like black or white button-down shirt, a good pair of dark jeans, and a tailored blazer in some neutral color. These garments will allow you to transform your formal, business-friendly outfit into a casual one appropriate for having a drink or two after work, so be sure to get them ASAP!

 Casual chich menswear

Bespoke men's style

Style it up underneath

In case you didn’t know, your sock and underwear selection matters as much as picking a perfect suit, footwear, and accessories. Although matching them with your shoes can look really great, you don’t have to do that at all. Instead, be creative and think of your socks as of your tie – an item that brings the whole outfit together. The same goes for your underwear, even though no one will actually see it. Make sure to feel comfortable in it, no matter what type you go for – briefs, boxers, or trunks. After all, you’ll inevitably look great if you feel great, right?

Men's socks

Men's socks

Each of these five tips can be very useful if you’re a young gentleman who’s about to define his personal style. Just be sure to stick every one of them and don’t worry – success is guaranteed!


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Stay Stylish!!!


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