Top 6 Secret Tips To Scoring Bargains On Luxury Sales

Lets face it, everyone loves a good bargain regardless of how much you are saving from buying an item. When it comes to luxury items it is important to choose wisely, so that you end up getting great value for your money.

There are two key sale seasons to keep an eye out for, they are the Boxing day sales and the summer sales which usually begins around the month of June. I will be sharing with you my top 6 tips for making your money go further whilst shopping for luxury fashion in the sale.


Shop Online From Outlet Stores

Online outlet stores are becoming increasingly popular due to increased demand from consumers. These stores bring you latest collection from various designers where they collect their stock from several stores based on their location which means a higher chance of finding what you want in your size. Online outlet stores would normally also offer you a sign-up coupon code if you are a new customer. This could range from anything between 5% to 30% off, and most times you can apply this code to sale items. In addition, gain exclusivity and get access to the sale before the general public does simply by signing up to their newsletters. Outlet stores I use include Farfetch where you can currently get an extra 20%  off  sale items throughout July 17′ using code x20july17 at check out. I also recommend outlets such as Nordstom and MrPorter.


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Sale Racks

Think outside the Box, in this case Rack.  Just because you are looking for bargains, doesn’t mean you should only look in the sale section whilst in stores. Items outside the sale section may also have their prices marked down, but may just not have been labelled with the red stickers. If there are any items you are unsure of, nicely ask a sales associate to help you check the price. You may be in for an unexpected treat if you begin to do this.


Ask A Sales Associate

You may find that some sales associates could be rather rude in certain stores, however do not let this put you off because it is their job to make that sale as well as help you as a customer. No, its not a taboo to ask a sales associate for a discount or when there is likely to be a further price drop on an item that interests you. If you become acquainted with a sales associate and ask them nicely, they could be obliged to even reserve an item for you if the item is due to get marked down within a coupe of days. This ensures that the item is not sold out. Give them your payment details and they would happily process the transaction and ship out or get you to come pick up your item once it is ready.

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Outlet Stores

Rather than going to main stores, visit outlets, as outlets sell items from previous seasons and even current seasons offering up to 70% on purchases. Research locations of outlet stores in your area. Here in England, Bicester Village is well known to have amazing luxury stores and I have got some unbelievable bargain from brands such as Jimmy Choo and Moncler. TKMAXX UK is another designer outlet store where I have bought luxury branded items at jaw dropping prices. If you are in the USA check out TJMAX.


Return And Rebuy

Something many of us don’t admit to is buying an item, and returning it if the price goes down within the returns policy time frame. This old trick should only apply to unworn items and excludes jewellery and underwear. Ensure that the item is still in stock and most importantly still available in your size before returning and rebuying. Most stores only offer a non refundable policy but they should be able to offer an exchange and you can direct your savings into purchasing another item or put as points into your loyalty card.


Demand A Discount 

How? you may ask. More often than not, items on the sale racks would have been tried on, or returned by other customers. This means there could be make-up stains, loose stitches or a loose button. Ask a sales associate nicely if they are able to discount an item due to these ‘fault’ conditions. Their answer is most likely to be a yes. It would cost you next to nothing to wash off a stain or reattach a button.


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