Tips to show off your summer physique wearing loose fit clothes.

Wearing fitted clothing is a comfort zone for many of us because it doesn’t challenge us when it comes to shopping and size fittings, besides it’s a myth that  fitted clothes are the best way to show off your physique.

Yes, you have been going to the gym all through the winter and you have these amazing results- great pecs, bulging biceps, thick thighs, you name it. So, it’s only normal that the default way to show off your summer body is wearing fitted clothes. I am going to disagree and share my tips on how you can flaunt your hard work by wearing loosely fitted clothing.

Loose the buttons 

I personally love wearing shirts because it makes an easy transition from casual to formal wear simply by tucking in the shirt. Show off those pecs you have been growing at the gym simply by undoing the first 2 buttons. Women appreciate a man with a good chest just as much as men do women wink!!!.


Asos menswear

Asos menswear

Roll up the sleeves 

Loosely fitted and oversized shirts tend to make even the most biggest biceps look small. Roll up the sleeves of your shirt so that it sits half way just between your elbow and shoulders. Doing this will enhance your triceps and shows your arm definition really well. It also doesn’t look like you are trying too hard to make your arms look big.


Tuck in your shirt

A well tucked in shirt, is a sign that you are an overall well mannered gentleman. It is a great way to make baggy shirts show off your shoulder to waist ratio in the most flattering way. It gives the illusion of a flat torso if you haven’t already got one. Wear a nice belt for a more formal look, or go for a more relaxed feel without a belt, but ensure your trouser is well tailored to your waist so it does not ride down.


Asos menswear

Choose The Right Fabric

This summer, choose light flowy fabrics, that keeps you airy. Silk, linen,viscose,cotton, are great fabrics to look out for in shirts. The amazing thing about this in oversized clothes is that, when you are outdoors and the cool summer breeze catches the fabric, it clings to your body and shows it’s definition – chest, torso, arms in the most flattering way.


Roll up your trousers

Roll up the hem of your trousers to show of your ankles. Many guys have slim ankles and may not find this their best body part, but what this does is brings attention to your legs and that nice tan you have been building from laying in the sun. Rolling up your trousers also adds an overal fit and shape to your trousers and legs.

Asos menswear

Asos menswear

Asos menswear


To conclude this post, don’t be afraid to take risks and try something new this summer when it comes to clothing, don’t be stuck in the noughties with your choices, evolve with fashion trends as it changes. Don’t be a follow-fashion, be a trendsetter.


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Thanks for reading this post and I hope you have been inspired. Do you have any tips on this subject? I would love to know, please leave a comment below.

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Stay Stylish!!!

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