Top tip for wearing bold prints this summer

“I cant pull it off because I haven’t got the height/body shape or confidence to wear it.”  These are some excuses and assumptions guys make when it comes to wearing bold prints. The truth is, you never really know what suits you until you try it on, seeing an outfit on a hanger or a shelf or even a mannequin just isn’t enough to draw a conclusion on what it may look like on you.


Top Tip

Just like wearing florals, the same rule of thumb applies when it comes to bold prints such as stripes, animal prints and so on – balance the other half of the outfit with an item of plain fabric, so for instance, a bold shirt requires plain trousers and vice versa.

In this post, as you can see, the outfit is relatively very monochrome, with shades of white, black and grey. I have given this look a nice summer feel with a pop of colour on my feet. This look is my idea of a smart-casual look, perfect for summer evenings.

Men's summer printMen's summer print

Men's summer print

Men's summer print

Men's summer print


What I am wearing

Shirt [asos]

trousers [asos]

sunglasses [mjboutique]

wristwatch [kartel watches]


Stay stylish!!!


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