Casual sweatshirt combo and luxury accesories

When I came across this textured cotton sweatshirt and matching Bermuda shorts from Zara, I knew I had to cop them, thanks to its’ soft grainy luxurious texture and structured silhouette. Standing tall at a height of 6 ft 2″  with  long pins for legs, I am not a mega fan of shorts however the style of this Bermuda shorts are so flattering, especially if you got long legs like I do.

I didn’t want to wear a necklace with this outfit, so I accessorised with a rose lapel pin from T.M.LEWIN , which is cliché to pair only with suits.  On my wrists are my HERMES clic-clac bracelet and Kelly double tour bracelet,

I am also wearing my oversized MJboutique sunglasses, which I still absolutely adore.

Pairing a rather minimal outfit with the right accessories is a great way to give it a lift. I really love how I have worn my accessories in a non-conventional.

Zara bermuda


Zara menswear

Summer trend

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