Hugo Boss Oud and Shades of Sunset

Lets face it, when it comes to fragrances, it is usual to go for a scent that fetches the most compliments, this gets even better when its performance lives up to its scent.

German brand, Hugo Boss produces  one f my best mainstream oud fragrances available in the market. The Hugo Boss bottled oud is loaded with notes of apple, cinnamon and oud. Three words to summarise its scent is masculine, sexy and opulent.

I get an overwhelming amount of compliment when I wear this Perfume, and it only takes a few squirts for its fragrance to last about 10 hours, so you can literally go on all night without needing to top up on squirts.

I recommend it as an evening fragrance, as it could be overwhelmingly loaded for a hot breezy summer day.



My outfit on this post is inspired by a perfect summer sunset. The richness of golden brown hues in the sky has been translated to the warm tones  of yellow and brown. A perfect colour match, which is easy to pull off by anyone. Yellow is definitely a big trend for summer 17 as you may already notice from clothing stores and outlets.

Don’t shy away from warm bold colours this summer, experiment  when you go shopping and you might just fall in love with how it turns out.




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What’s your favourite summer evening perfumes. I would love to know, share with me and everyone else on the comments section below.

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Stay stylish !!!







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