Luxury Bare essentials with tani Usa underwear

You would agree with me that it feels great to feel good on the outside however this isn’t possible if it doesn’t start from the inside or under(PUN ALERT)!!!

When I get dressed, I don’t just pay attention to my clothes and outside appearance, I pay attention to my underwear because it’s where my inner confidence comes from.

As a lover of affordable luxury, Tani USA are a brand I can’t get enough of. I especially love the SilkCut boxer brief which is absoulutely the most comfortable pair of underwear you will wear, thanks to its micro modal air fabric, which is thinner and softer than silk. Imagine how butter feels on your tongue, this underwear feels exactly the same on your skin. This is the best way I can describe how amazing it feels.


Satin robe

Asos house coat


Tanin underwear editorial

Another reason I love the silkCut underwear is how it maintains its elasticity, support and softness after multiple washes, something rare with many other brands.


Men's underwear editorial

Tani USA, also produce one of the  best undershirts i have ever tried, it is luxuriously soft and lightweight. It clings to the body in the right places, flattering the chest and arms especially. The fabric is so breathable and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting too hot if worn under a shirt or on its own as a gym top.

Men's luxury underwear


Tani USA have been kind to offer my readers and even your friends a 20% discount off. Simply use code HOWEYDON20 at check out.

Tani USA Silkcut underwear

Tani USA V-neck undershirt

ASOS Dressing Gown SOLD OUT


Stay Stylish!!!



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