spring favourites for men

Days are getting longer, sun’s shinning and the weather is warmer. Its time to add signature pieces into your wardrobe that will probably come in handy over the summer season too. So here are my top must-haves.



Besides this being a very functional piece of accessory in protecting the eyes from sunlight. It adds a great deal to your aesthetic. The trick is picking a frame that suits your face structure, my recommendation is to try different frame styles and ask for help from sales associates, i.e round, square, hexagonal. You don’t have to stick to what is fashionable, you want to stick to what suits your face and enhances it. It is wise to invest in a quality piece so that you can get the most wear out of it and can be worn seasons after season. This is why I am recommending that you check out MJ store boutique for their great quality and inexpensive range of sunglasses. You can use ‘howeydon’ for 10% off at check out.


A true gentleman wears a watch. Do not be corrupted by the ease of reaching out for your smart phone each moment you need to tell the time. I feel this technology has made men lazy. A wrist-watch does not only act as a functional piece but it adds a great feel to your overall appearance. Fabric strap watches are a great addition for spring/summer. It does not only look flattering but it does feel lighter than leather or chain strap watches. I would recommend the Kartel watches brand for fabric strapped watches.


One of the biggest trends this year is causal laid back look influenced by streetstyle, so why not become street style cool with sneakers as you can achieve a perfect smart casual or very casual look with them. To stand out from the rest I would recommend owning a pair of white sneakers although it is a lot harder to maintain, it adds elegance, class and more personality to your overall outfit. A good pair of sneakers is one that can be teamed with anything as smart as a suit to as casual as jogger bottoms. My favourite this spring are the Gucci ace sneakers.



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