Midnight Blue, Glitter and Champagne

When it comes to make up I am not a guru but it is fair to say I know how to mask my blemishes and enhance my skin tone on bad skin days and when doing photoshoots using a bit of concealer or foundation. I am very keen on the subject of make-up, and that is why I had no hesitation in supporting one of the best Make-up beauty guru’s I know, when she asked me to be one of her models for the opening of her very own Make-up academy. I am speaking of Carol Patterson who has worked with some major make up brands including MAC cosmetics as well as Freelancing as a MUA.

One of the many reasons I fell in love with Carol’s work is her ability to create amazing fancy Halloween makeup. She can literally Paint a face like an artist would paint a canvas, some of her transformation looks have gone viral on Instagram and Facebook. Her technique is absolutely incredible and I am glad that she is now able to teach anyone who is looking to learn how to step-up their make-up game when it comes to an everyday look or special fancy occasions. I will link her social media handles at the end of this article so you are able to get some amazing make-up inspiration as well as get in touch with her directly.

At the launch of the Make-up Academy, the models wore clothes from the latest Midnight Blue Collection by multi-award winning Scottish designer Hayley Scanlan. Her pieces have been worn by the likes of girl band little mix, Pixie Lott, Ann Marie and many others. Hayley Scanlan now has own flagship store. Her clothes are also available online.

On the launch night, I would describe the inspiration behind the make-up as futuristic, as our faces were adorned by a glitter panel which looked absolutely edgy and beautiful. I felt like a cast of some fantasy Sci-Fi blockbuster. Its amazing what make-up can do to ones persona.

The music was loud and champagne flowed as guests mingled and spoke about everything and anything. By the end of the Make-Up Academy Launch night, if there was one make-up removal tip I learnt it is to use masking tape to remove annoying glitter trails from your skin and any other delicate surfaces. Lads you may find this tip especially useful for ridding of evidences of a cheeky naughty night out *wink*  LOL.


Congratulations Carol Patterson and Hayley Scanlan on your recent achievements.


Make up academy: Carol Patterson Instagram

Clothes: Hayley Scanlan Instagram and website

Photography: Jacob James Instagram


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