How to be more attractive – 4 Hacks

What qualities do you see in people and make you drool and wish you could be friends with them or want to be like them?


Attraction means tending toward something in a positive way. We have all been blessed with different aesthetics attributes like our  height, skin, hair, voice and then the non tangible or physical attributes such as our personality, charisma and talent. Some aesthetic attributes can be enhanced through cosmetic surgery procedures or can be learned from experts, these are the little luxuries if money isn’t an object. Good news is that the best things in life are free, so i definitely won’t be recommending the next best surgeon for a cosmetic surgery on this post hahaha.

This post is an extension of my tips on how to look confident. I will be sharing a few hacks on how to be more attractive.

Scent and smell

Our senses are designed in a way to repel bad smells and draw us toward great scents. There is a deep connection between a good scent and sexual attractiveness, even animals know this is one of the biggest tricks in the wonderful world of nature. There are simple ways to optimise our scent, the simplest and most important is good hygiene. Form a habit of taking a shower in your morning routine as well as a before and after gym routine. You may wonder why before the gym, if you re going to need another one moments after.  Not only does showering before the gym boosts your energy levels it gives you the confidence for an explosive workout, and not having to think that your sweaty and sticky body emanates an unpleasant smell. Girls love a sweaty guy at the gym and if you are lucky enough to have a conversation with them, smelling great would automatically make you achieve Bae goal status.

Finding the right type of cologne that works with the natural scent of your skin may be tasking sometimes, more so wearing the same cologne over and over again may wear out its desired effect. Don’t be one of those that jump on the hype of a perfume brand just because it is popular . Just because it smells great on your best mate doesn’t mean it would do the same for you. It is great to have one or two signature scents rather than a dozen of different scents. Don’t be shy to ask for testers from a sales associate when cologne shopping, testers are made for this reason. Trying multiple testers would help you find what’s right in defining your scent.
My Hack to smelling great all the time great is to always carry with me a refillable or tester perfume which fits nicely in my pocket or clutch bag so when I am just about to walk into a room full of other impressionable people, I give myself a cheeky spritz, not an overpowering dose. Doing this definitely gets you noticed and attractive for the right reasons.


Different people find different features attractive, some like a tall dark and handsome gentleman, others like short and fair. You really can’t please everyone at the end of the day. So find out what audience you want to appeal to and shape yourself better for that audience.The main point here is be true to yourself, find out what your best and unique features are and enhance them, celebrate and embrace your individuality because standing out rather than blending in definitely is a hack to being more attractive.

Personality and likeability

Why do you think a lot of celebrities are so likeable, even when some of them may not be so good looking. Yes , it is the personality , the aura and confidence which they show off. All of these attributes if used well makes you more attractive . Check out my post on tips to looking more confident for more detailed breakdown on how to achieve likeability

Be the best version of you

Being passionate about what you do in life , having a goal and working towards achieving that goal is definitely one of the most attractive attributes in people. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living , but putting a 100 percent into it is attractive. When you have first time conversations with people, speaking positively and optimistically about your status and ambition automatically makes them more engaged and find you more relatable.

I would love to know what hacks you use in making yourself more attractive, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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