5 killer tips to looking confident

Confidence is something everyone is born with but as time goes on we become more self aware and start to worry about our insecurities, this means that our confidence begins to wear thin.

Wait!!!  Before reading this article, ask yourself , what area in your life are you confident in ? You might think about this for a few seconds, but you really shouldn’t because Confidence is something every man has but as they say there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance. So what’s this thin line, you may ask. Confidence is simply believing in your own value and self worth. When you start worrying about what people think of you and start owning your good, the bad and the ugly, then your confidence sky rockets to awhole new level. Confidence is selfless and humble. Arrogance on the other hand is when you put other people down in the process of making yourself feel better. Showing off that confidence without crossing the line is what I am going to speak about in this post. Without much Ado, here are my top 5 killer tips to unleash your inner confidence.


  1. Posture

In as much as sitting down or standing up with your back slouched isn’t the best for your health, it doesn’t exude confidence, it gives a sign of weakness and tiredness. There is nothing as attractive as someone who stands up tall, walks straight and sits straight. One great way to appear more confidence is your posture, So always stand or sit straight, keep your head held nicely on your shoulder, simply doing this makes you instantly more attractive and makes you appear like a boss.

  1. Handshake

Do you ever shake a persons hand and they simply just place their hands onto of yours , not the best right ? yeah I think so too. When you shake hands, maintain eye contact , and let your entire forearm do the shake motion and not your wrist. A good handshake should last around 5 seconds, not more, you don’t want to appear like the creepy overbearing guy. A good handshake should not be too strong, you should not be squeezing hands, that’s where you begin to cross the line of confidence to arrogance. You don’t want to be sending an intimidating message but a polite gentlemanly message.


  1. Smile

Own your smile, show some teeth, but not too much , just the right amount. It shows that you are confident in your skin and it increases your approachability game. Nobody wants to speak to the sour and mean  looking guy in the corner, except you are on security-man duties. A smile is a way of disarming anybody you speak too. Ladies love a man with a good smile.

  1. Eye contact.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. This is true I believe. Making eye contact shows engagement with the person you are conversing with, not just this but  honesty too, it can and will instantly make you appear more trustworthy than someone who avoids eyes contact by look down or wonder their eyes about the room when having a conversation.


  1. Language

By this I mean vocabulary, when every other sentence ends with a swear word, it not only makes you look uneducated, it shows a huge sign of arrogance. So it is important to use words cleverly because swear words do not add any meaning to what you say but rather takes away meaning. Saying  “ ermm ermm or I don’t know”  at the start or end of every sentence shows that you are disengaged in a conversation. Simple tasks such as reading a newspaper can do a lot with improving your vocabulary , so why not get into a habit of doing so if you seem to struggle with starting and ending a sentence.

If you have read this far, well- done. If you are able to practice all of these simple tips, men would want to be like you and ladies would want to marry you. KERCHING!!!!

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