Now that January is well over ,how are you getting on with the goals you had set yourself at the start of the year.

For me it  was literally the longest month , but nonetheless it has been good to me. I am the type who would take mental notes of the goals i wanted to achieve. I have found that the bigger my goals have gotten over the years, this strategy is no longer as effective, as I easily loose sight and get distracted and overwhelmed by my goals. I decided I would now write things down and also create a mood board for visuals of what I wanted to achieve.So, I have mapped out what I want to achieve at set times throughout this year as well as a “how to”. This way I am constantly reminded and motivated.


One of the things I have wanted to do for a while is blog and be able to share with world my creative thoughts and ideas in fashion and style and just being the best one can be, when it comes to staying stylish . It would be a waste not to be able to share this gift after all . This blog started from my own personal mood/ goals board . And now I’m here . What it takes really is writing out your goals and you will be one step to make it a reality

I am guilty of compulsively spending money on things I don’t actually really love or need , especially through this sales period , just because I am attracted to the thought discounted prices . This means I end up with loads of mediocre items  and not having enough money to buy that single piece of item that may have been outside my budget but saves for . What I have now done to overcome this habit is creating a visual of what I really need, the cost of it and how much I need to put aside monthly to be able to get it when I want. This way I am reminded why I don’t need to dash out my savings on mediocre items .

Don’t get me wrong , the sales season is a great time to buy pieces of clothing or accessories you have eyed up at stores but just not been able to justify spending the full price amount on. This sale period I got some leather jackets from One of my favourite high street stores Zara, the discounts on them where huge and I am a bit obsessed with leather jackets at the moment. They are effortless , edgy and great for winter to spring transition.

Tell me in the comments , what goals did you set yourself and how are you getting with making them a reality ?




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