My top 3 online shopping hacks

I love to shop for clothes , I mean who doesn’t , I prefer to see and feel what it is im buying before actually buying , however doing this sometimes makes me loose out on great deals , so here are my top 3 tips for getting the best from online shopping

1. Sign up to news letters

Most brands will offer you a fraction discount simply by signing up to their newsletter , HnM , Aldo , forever 21 are key high street brand that could offer upto 20 percent discount simply by registering your email address with them .Also you get notified of exclusive online sales. It’s a win win situation if you are clever enough

Now you may not want your email spammed by constant updates from these brands, so what I will recommend is creating an email address solely for the purpose of shopping

2. Search for coupon codes

This is another clever trick i do, before purchasing from online stores …google works or you could use Instagram and twitter to search for coupon codes .. a simple #brandname coupon code may surprise you . I have had a lot of luck with these , so why not give it a go before clicking on that >proceed to payment .

3. Loyalty and benefit cards

Take advantage of these easy option , of using loyalty cards, all you need is get your card scanned to earn points each time your purchase any item. Trust me the money does add up and sometimes you could get double or triple points for items you buy. I have favourite stores I shop in week in and week out, so it makes complete sense for me to make money whilst spending money
3. Student cards

Don’t be shy to ask your friend or brother , sister or whoever is a student you know, haha I’m not saying ask a total stranger , but you know what I mean (hope you do ). A uni days student card could save you anything from 10 to 40 percent on your online shops., topman, asos amongst super drug , the perfume store all offer discounts . So before you you buy it’s worth asking a mate nicely for a student code .

So here are my tips for saving a few extra bucks when you are online shopping .

Do you have any tips to share , I and other readers would like to know , please leave it on the comment section below, if you like this post don’t forget to like and share .

stay stylish


  1. Glenn
    February 21, 2017 / 8:44 am

    I also use discount stores like or secretsales… They send daily notifications on deals they have, but tend to have good quality products for less…

    • howeydon
      February 21, 2017 / 11:03 am

      Thanks Glenn , I ll be sure to check it out. A quality bargain is always a welcome idea.

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