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I  am definitely not a morning person in the winter especially  because of the very cold and dark mornings even worse when the beautiful sun does not show its smiley golden face. I  would wish I could spend the morning in bed and contemplate if going to work was really worth it, but how then would I earn my money. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. I may never be a winter morning person but I can now successfully Perk myself up in the morning by doing a few of these.

Go to bed feeling fresh

Brush your teeth, wash your face and apply a night moisturiser before bed. It has been a long day, sat at the office behind a screen, travelling on crowded public transport, being at the gym and whatever other  exciting activities you may have been upto; The body is tired, and you are beginning to crave the comforts of your bed. You certainly don’t want to take all the germs you have gathered all day to bed with you. Develop a quick night time pamper routine that would take no more than 5-10 minutes. This could be putting on a face mask whilst having a nice long bath with scented oils and sea salt, followed by a night time face routine. Your body will thank you for it when you wake up 🙂


In the winter, the heating is always on in the bedroom, this sucks up all the moisture in the room. Stay hydrated throughout the day, aim to drink an average of 13 cups of water throughout the day. adequate hydration means you will no longer wake up in the morning with a dry and sore throat besides all the other wonderful things water does for your skin.

Switch  off the TV and no laptops in bed

I want to catch up on just one episode of ‘Game of thrones’.Hmmmm damn that was such a good  episode just another, before you now it there is only a couple of hours till you are up in the morning. it’s so easy to fall into this trap, and to avoid it all together switch these devices off.


Music is a great way to express your feelings and energy levels. When you wake up in the morning , play some positive music on iTunes , Spotify there are also great playlists on YouTube ,  whilst you get ready and have your breakfast whatever makes you happy and puts you in a good place mentally and emotionally.

Nighttime meditation

Practicing meditation is a great way to bring calmness to the body, mind and spirit. It allows you to rebalance your energy by focusing on the positives, reflect on your achievements and  realign your goals. There are so many meditation apps available to help whether you are a beginner or an advanced meditator.

Set daily goals

Children wake up with great energy in the morning because they are carefree, with no major life responsibilities to face up to. As an adult, engage in recreational activities, or find a hobby you really enjoy such as joining a fitness class at your local gym, reading a book, taking your dog for a walk or gaming, whatever floats your boat really. Having something fun to look forward to in the day gives you that little kick you need when you wake up just like a child.

What are your  tips on how you wake up bright, ready to embrace the day. I would like to know, please share in the comments section below.


  1. January 29, 2017 / 8:14 am

    so glad you visited my blog – especially as its led me to your awesome site 🙂

    I like to start my day with a little meditation – if you’re interested, I wrote a bit about it on my blog – its a free app called Breathe

    • howeydon
      March 27, 2017 / 9:28 am

      I couldn’t have said this any better myself.thanks for sharing your thoughts on this

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